Thursday, October 25, 2012

Love photography

I am constantly looking at things and thinking they would make a great photo.  I am so loving doing this blog and sharing with my three lovely sisters, I value your comments and just love looking at your photo's and the challenges of looking for new photo's.  Yesterday I took myself off to the movies down in Northbridge that shows alternative type movies that the other cinema's don't show.  It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining and James Street had a happy vibe to it that was different to the night scene, people sitting out on the pavement enjoying cups of coffee or going about their business.  The film I saw was Wuthering Heights, not my favourite movie, quite dreary with unrequited love and at times slow, but the scenery was amazing giving me great enjoyment just for that reason, I gazed at each take thinking what great photography it was.  This is another extension I find to photography, I often go to movies that I think the photography will be great and these alternative films give you that, they are more art than story oftentimes.
Have a great weekend


  1. Beautiful flowers, are they from your garden. They look as though they might be David Austen, I know you have a few of his. I too like going to movies for the scenery. Have you been watching Downton Abbey. The third season is here and I have two to watch. Have a good weekend too. Aaron left to go home very early this morning. I am glad Peter drove us to airport as at 3.30am I couldn't even open my eyes.

  2. Yes the roses are David Austin, didn't last long in the vase, but enjoyed them for a couple of days. I love Downton Abbey too, third season not on here yet, something to look forward to. Bet you miss Aaron already.