Thursday, June 28, 2012

July choices

  • Red
  • Winter
  • Shadow
  • Water fall

last of Paddy's June Choice

I wanted to try something different with your choice of HANDS IN PRAYER Paddy, not a familiar pose you understand.  I wanted a black background, the only thing I could find was a black fur coat, the first photo I had to crop as I just couldn't get it right, also in black and white. I had the coat on back to front with my arms in the sleeves.  thought it would look better with thumbs showing so I hung the coat over the back of a chair then had the camera up close on the tripod, put on timer, then wrapped my arms around the camera, this worked quiet well as I could see on the screen where my hands where.  I had a lot of natural light coming in from the right from windows and glass door.  Was fun trying something different and challenging myself.  What do you think?  Now I have done them all for June.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My June choice

just sharing, my lunch pea and ham soup and crusty roll                                                          Advertising a Product

I didn't realise how hard this challenge would be.  I think the first photo, the background is too distracting.  It is so hard to photograph books so that they are not distorted, wrong angle and the edges are not straight.  Then getting all the details you want to be seen, like stitching, colour of inside pages, so much harder with one photo to demonstrate an article.  Would love for you to give me your opinion as to which one you think does the product most justice?

Paddy's June choice


ok got carried away again, just love taking photo's.  Not sure if this is what you mean by simplicity Paddy, I don't have macro lens so this is as close as I can get

Phil's choices June

Hat, I am practising the 2/3rd rule in art, the next one is probably a better example

what do you think, better balance?

and portrait same rule

and something in my fridge, John keeps a glass full so its cold to drink

Friday, June 15, 2012

Phils June choices

rusty wheels

rust and chippy paint, like this one Phil????????

damn well rained while I was taking these rust photo's

rusty wrought iron

had to share these, sheep pen gates, wouldn't mind one for the garden

all weathered wood

oh, and more rust, rusty barbed wire, mmmh could do a lot with this

lovely old wooden spoke wheel with rusted band

more wheels

small corrugated tank, had to take photo through diamond mesh fence

lots of rust
Phil you wanted  rust, and what better place to get it, but Rustic Gallery in Midland.  love all these egg beaters bunched together..

junkies heaven

glass in varying hues

brown glass, its a shame they put the price in such a visible place, ruined my shot!!!!
ok I got a bit carried away, couldn't decide which I liked best

Sharons June choices

this church is in Bassendean and really not possible to shoot from a distance, houses all close by.

I kinda like this one of the same church taken from the back, I like it peeping through the bare branches

this one was taken inside the church in Guildford, the caretaker saw me taking photo's outside and kindly asked if i would like to see inside, I love the bones of this church taken from inside.

This is the lectern in the church a memorial to a mans wife about 1904, seems  sort of American to me, but it is beautiful never the less

this is my motion photo of the fountain some of the ducks where moving too but bit far away.  In the same park as the church and originally the park was the Guildford Village green.

at least I could take this photo from further away, the church was all different angles which I found hard to make an interesting photo.

Paddy's Choice June

graffitti, had a lovely day out get a few more shots for the challenge, this graffiti is very comic strip style but makes a statement.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

more clouds

storm coming in from the North haven't seen blue skies much since

to the South