Wednesday, February 29, 2012

40 Year Old SLR Camera photo's

One Saturday when John I went out on a tiki tour of the countryside.  John took these photo's near Toodyay with our old SLR Minolta and the basic lens.  It was before Christmas, spring I think and as you can see a beautiful clear day.  West Australia does have a lovely clear bright light which enhances the photo's, sometimes in summer though it can be just to bright.  I have just had these developed onto a disk rather as photo's, that way we didn't pay for developing on average photo's.  Need to study the manual again, haven't used the camera for years and forgot a lot.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


South Indian Red Lentil Dahl

trying different backgrounds

close up pistachio nuts, don't they look pretty
This was my lunch I added a dollop of yoghurt and a sprig of coriander (of course that was never going to be enough for me, but doesn't look so pretty with a handful).  I didn't eat the pistachio's or apple but thought it made the photo a bit more interesting.


             Does this count as a silhouette I think the lattice is, I love how the glass's create reflections
                   I need to work more on taking silhouettes need to get out more to take photo's

and now for Phil's choices - Macro

Macro on my camera is going into about 1 inch from the subject, I don't have a separate lens


I love to see children playing, it's so healthy and you can see the joy in their faces and hear happy laughter.  I am saddened by todays idea of play is on computers and all the techno thingies they do.  Children really don't need a lot to make them happy but with this techno age they always seem to be craving the latest technology.


this is my aged photo, me.  Growing older or reaching the age of retirement, to me, has been a positive, a wake up call.  Get my health back on track.  My time on this earth is getting nearer to the end.  And to enjoy every moment of it I need to be fit and healthy.  I would be really pissed with myself if I was on my death bed and thought that my last 20 years I achieved none of the things I wanted to do.  I want to do 100% and I have a long list.  So I am on track.  I am not going to mourn my smooth skin and dark brown hair, my slim body, no, I am embracing the grey hair, the wrinkles, hell, I earned them, and with gravity now taking over I certainly won't be wearing a bikini although I have been known to go skinny dipping with my sisters where no one could see us.  That I wouldn't have done when I had the figure to flaunt.  With age has come wisdom, the important things that matter.  I still have my eyesight, hearing, my legs take me where ever I want to go, maybe not as nimble but still getting me there.  Most importantly my hands still create my many interests and as long as they all are in working order I will be happy.  I am   very young and sassy, like a sexy chicken yeehaaa!!!  I will not let others dictate how I look, act or treat others, this only came with age.  Bring it on..


 John and I went to watch Jacky play basket ball on Saturday at challenge Stadium, Jack is no 11 blocking the ball being thrown in.  I think I managed to capture some of the action and movement
below Jack is shooting a goal and I have caught him above ground.

Challenge Stadium is pretty spectacular, those poles sticking up are holding the roof on like tent poles.
There are 14 basketball courts.  Its was a country schools tournament and Jacks team was runner ups.
And feral meryl who was bored out of her brain with all that male testosterone and sweaty bodies.
I used the sports mode on my Lumix and I was pleased how clear the photo's where, I was quite a way back from them so had zoom on as well, and it shows action and movement.  They have professional photographers there taking really nice close up photo's of the action which you can buy, which I think is a great idea.  Because when you are taking the photo's you can't watch the game.


Four of my crazy Grandkids and Anthony and Joanne taken at Christmas time.  They take one serious photo and one crazy one, guess which one this is.  I think it was taken on Jo's point and shoot (same as mine) on a tripod, don't you just love them. Loud and crazy!!!!

different light effects

                                          Early morning sunlight gives more of a golden glow
                    Late afternoon sunlight creates more shadows and tends to wash out the colour

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Whoops forgot the white flower

Luckily I took some photo's of white flowers in spring as at the this time of the year the only white flowers I have got in my garden are these ones sculpted from old roof iron, does that count....

Monday, February 20, 2012

Workshop in New Norcia

In April 15th to 22nd I am doing a workshop with Steve Goncalves, have a look at his website  I am hoping to become a better photographer and I will be taking my Minolta SLR which I will load with a black and white film and my Panosonic Lumix LX5 which I have used for my photo's on this blog.  Hoping I have every eventuality covered.  I am really excited, we will be staying in the monastery and as an early riser I hope to catch some stunning sunrises over the red dirt.  This time of the year it will be very red.

 Can you see the monk who just passed by as I took this photo last year with my Kodak Point and shoot.  All the photo's here where taken in July so as you can imagine it will be a lot dryer in April, we have had little rain.
                        Looking from the lovely old church down the walkway to the monastery.
And of course the graveyard, always a fascinating place to visit and explore the names, mostly nuns and monks.  Either side of this graveyard are double story buildings that where at one time boarding schools for country children who where taught by the nuns and monks.  Such a fascinating place, you are driving through rural countryside when you drive around the corner and here is New Norcia about 10 to 12 large buildings in the middle of nowhere or so it appears.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

something Australian

                      Black cockatoo's in the rain, stripping the gum tree
                                                         Red flowers from Gum Tree
            looking through a Moreton Bay Fig tree that are so prevalent in the old parks around Perth

this weekend

 Reading Carla Coulson's book 'Chasing a dream' I got all inspired with the light of the rising sun after the sprinklers where on, had to go outside and snap some pics, I love the way the sun shines through the grape leaves, and the water pools on them.
 I took this yesterday about mid day, we went up and spent some time with Raymon, he lives not far from here, only stayed a short while as it was so windy I had trouble standing up.  I would like to seriously get up early and head for the beach or go down around sunset as the sun sets over the ocean.  The water does look inviting though.
I have been working on this entry for ages, it is for the workshop I am doing online with Juliana Coles called the Book of the night.  For this chapter I had to find my Motherline.  I had to do quite a bit of research on our Great Grandmother Sarah Ann Presling.  I had records from Eric Presling which are great for the Presling family but very little on Sarah Ann, the only record I had was that she was born in 1860, the first entry on the birth roll in Napier which only started then, it gave her fathers surname as Hawker and her Mothers as Bartle.  It frustrates the hell out of me that I didn't ask questions years ago when Nana was alive or even Mum could have given me some information about her.  I have done up a information sheet on our mother line on the computer and if you want a copy let me know, I will send it when I complete it.  Paddy did Eric Presling give you any of his families names, I don't even have a photo of her, unlike Grandpa Howchow's family who would have been considered wealthy, the Presling family was quite poor with 10 children it would have been hard going and no spare money for photographs.  The little house I have done up the top right corner is a house similar to what they would have lived in with 10 kids, it would have been cosy aye. I have enlarged photo so you might be able to read the journaling.
Hope you enjoy this little bit of history.

Friday, February 17, 2012


 Miss Lyssie, Alyssa like most girls her age loves to strike a pose, she also does modelling so that helps, Lyssie was a helper on the fairy stall at the school fete, she loves dressing up but is equally happy playing rough with the boys.
I love this one of Jack, boys are so self conscious I thought if I got him sitting up on the back of this bench it would relax him a little.  This was taken after a 6 hour training session. hence the tired little face, bless him.  Jack was up in the last school holiday at a football school with the West Coast Eagles, don't be fooled by that skinny frame he's all energy and a good little footballer and basketball player, they will be up again next weekend for a basketball tournament that Jack is playing in.
These are Kirsty's two kids just in case the names are unfamiliar.

Friday, February 10, 2012

                       Isn't he just gorgeous, taken at Brisbane Art Gallery...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Paddy's choice - Bird

                                                            raven taken at the cemetery

Friday, February 3, 2012

something blue

more fabrics

Sorry I just keep seeing more possibilities, I cannot restrain myself.  The top photo's are of the lovely old patchwork quilt over the back of the couch in the family room, I love the way it is disintegrating.  My unmade bed, also love rumpled sheets and close up of one of my little dresses