Friday, December 30, 2011

bird and sign

 this is my bird photo, I have some really good ones on my vintage vignette blog but the birds where too far away and being black they are hard to see against the green of the trees, I quite like the composition and moved a few things around until I was happy with it.
I chose my sign in my garden which reads secret garden, I like it to the right of the photo in my opinion it invites you in to the secret.  I used zoom on this one, and just got in really close with the bird one as I wanted all that photo sharp.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Night shots

This was fun Sharon shooting night shots, I read up my book  on low light photography and it said by changing your iso you can achieve mysterious moody photo's.  These are some of the better ones that I took when playing around.  the one above is on 800 in extreme low light recommends about 1600.

 This one is 125 iso and inside
 This one is taken outside and looking inside to the light on 1600 iso
And this one is 400 iso and the flash standing with light behind me.  Still need more practice on night shooting.


I took this photo about mid day, I crouched down low to face the camera up to get the cathedral into the scene, I like how the photo has captured the movement of the water splashing down the watercourse.  this is next to Royal Perth Hospital no special settings just on Auto.

More sunsets

I wanted to share with you these photo's I took last night, I was watering out the back, it was an extremely hot day, around 37 deg, I noticed this amazing sky, it looked to me like the sky was on fire what with the grey cloud formations giving the impression of smoke.  The first two photo's I took out the back and as there are a lot of high structures close to me I had to stretch my arms up high to cut out the roofs of the houses near by.  The others I took from the front where there was more room for me to get back a bit but I still had to hold my arms up high.  I like the 2nd last photo I think the palm trees look good against the sky.  I was blown away with the cloud formations and the bright orange showing through looked like molten lava. Oh and the temperatures for tomorrow is 39 deg yeeek!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

My street

last of Phils challenge, my street that I took on an early morning walk taking Angus for a walk to the park.  Of the ones I took I liked this one best, it seems balanced to me, I like the curve in the road which I think gives a bit of interest to a fairly boring scene.  Still on auto.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Phils challenge

 I aimed my camera upwards to capture the pegs against the sky and clouds, I like how the sun is shining on parts while other parts are in shadow.  I am still just using auto until I have time to study the manual.  I think I could have framed it a bit better and cut out the dark part of the roof eat the bottom of the photo.

I looked down on my plate and tried to include all of the plate and some of the tablecloth for contrast, doesn't show the inside of the sandwich.  The second photo is more tempting, you can see at the slick of oil on the chips and the fried egg spilling out the side of the sandwich.
I like how the sunset came out with a faint blush of orange and bathe the trees and house turned to black it was tricky waiting until it was far enough down to get a photo before it became too dark.
One photo to go......

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Alyssa Davidson

                   Bottom photo is the original the other two I changed the colour on the computer.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

playing around

 This photo above I enhanced on the computer, other two as they where photographed, Trying to see if the enhance shows the gleam of glass, think I prefer the softer look. Flowers truer to colour when not enhanced.

I had to clean all the china and glassware on the cabinet today and thought they looked so pretty all glassware gathered together on the table.