Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Last of Phils

 WHISKERS yep, he's got whiskers, just didn't have time to zoom in, such an active cat.
 SOMETHING I LOVE is my garden, it gives me so much pleasure and relaxation
 SOMEONE I LOVE is Alyssa, of course I love all my grandchildren but I just happened to take these photo's at basketball.  Kirsty is constantly calling out to Jack to call for the ball but as you can see this little pocket rocket screams for it herself.  She is such a Johnson when it comes to sport, no one pushes her around.
 Here she is doing more than her share of pushing and shoving.  She needs to learn the contact rule as she was fouled off constantly, but, she got in there and mixed it with the big girls.  She is so determined, does that sound like a Johnson trait?

Sharons last two

 FRIENDS amazing curls on these two little ragbags at the basketball,  They are brothers and they where wrestling each other chucking the ball around, constant non stop action.  You can tell from their expressions that they are friends, they are from Collie.
MALE Leroy spent the day last week, and couldn't pass up the opportunity to take photo's.

last of Paddys

 EXOTIC VEGETABLE french cucumber at the moment about the size of a 20 cent piece, not having a lot of luck with cucumbers etc, fruit goes yellow and drops of, about the size of a peanut so not enough for a meal if you know what I mean, I check this one every day to make sure its still there.
 SWING I have only seen these sort of swings in the park here, I think they are considered safer without the wooden seat.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Phil's Feb choice

 DEAD I have had this bird skeleton for about 5 years, flew into the garage and couldn't get out, I might try to clean it up and get rid of some of the dust around the body, but its very fragile, the head has disconnected from the body.  In hindsight I think a paler background would have shown it up better

Sharon's Feb choices

 HANDS I wanted to add one of hands that belonged to me, have to make it the left hand as needed to hold camera in the right one

a NUMBER you will see this board again on Phils photo

Paddy's Feb choices

 BIRDS looking at these two photo's I can see I should have put ISO onto 100 instead of 200
albeit though faded BLACK iron lace

My Feb Choices

 Yay its cooled down, so out with the camera.  My choice of SMELL and what smells better than the rose
HEAT has cooked my tomatoes

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Feb choice Project step by step

step 1 prepare background
step 2 add posters
step 3 tone down posters
step 4 block off background and adhere stencil
step 5 spray paint
step 6 final product
I often do step by step shots of my art for future reference but also to add to my blog or new website I am setting up.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013