Sunday, April 28, 2013

More Purple

 I took these two photo's back in early December when John and I went down to Collie to help Kirsty do Alyssa's room up for her birthday, she chose purple as her colour scheme.  Kirsty and I had quite a challenge padding that headboard, so many curves.  Alyssa loved her present.  I find rooms hard ot photograph so it will be something I want to get better at.

While I was sitting waiting for these photo's I noticed these flowers looked nice against the old foxed mirror and being purple thought it would fit in with my theme, I used pure setting as it is quite shadowed behind my computer.  I like how the background came out to me it looks like an old painting.

My choice for April - Purple

 My choice for April is PURPLE all these photos where taken around 8 am, I find early morning light is so pure and clear.  I took 37 photo's and these are my final choices for different reasons.  Above the little sprig of velvet violets stand out against all the white, early morning sun is just reaching through.  I liked the contrast in fabrics in this photo, it was taken in pure setting which cut out the dark shadows.
 This little bowl I bought many years ago outside Wellington, I like the pale reflection on the dull table surface.
 I only had one purple flower in the garden at the moment, to show off its daintiness I put it on different surfaces as backgrounds.

When I chose the colour purple I had this velvet and silk scarf in mind, I have tried to show both sides, the lovely gleam of the velvet with the smooth texture of the silk backing.  Lovely old worn shoe that someone special gave to me gives a wonderful roughness to balance the textures, contrast in colour and the blend of old and new.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Paddy's last two

 FRINGE lovely vintage that I have for quite a while
SIMILAR not quite sure what you wanted for this one, but I chose this photo I took on Saturday, to me the reflection is similar but not quite the same.

Sharons last choice

PADDY AND SHARON birthday girls, as I couldn't take photo's of you, I downloaded photo's from your blog, ones that hadn't been deleted!!!!!  hope you like my little collage

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sharon's old house

John and I had a lovely day looking for Sharons OLD HOUSE.  We where out for several hours, had lunch at Lake Leschaunaltia, still didn't see the right old house, we where just about back to Perth, came around a bend and there it was, up high on the hill, chucked a youeee, parked the van.  Had to use Johns camera as my zoom was just not strong enough.  Feeling very pleased with myself finding this old farmhouse, I remembered a really grand old house in Midland, thought I might be able to get close enough to get photo's of it.  I was ecstatic when I found no fence, no No Trespass signs and I was in like Flyn

 see the plant growing up out of the floor inside this room
It is heart breaking to see this wonderful old home deteriate so badly, obviously there was a no dumping rubbish sign either, see the huge pile of rubbish dumped in piles out the back.  I have driven past this grand old dame off and on over the 30 years and in the last 10 years it has deteriated to this.  This is in suburban Perth, I think it is owned by the council and I have heard that different community groups have tried to get it for artists etc, but been turned down.  It is such a total lack of concern for history.  This is on a main road leading into Perth, so thousands of motorist would have driven past, as a community we should not let this happen, but for this one it is too late, too much damage.  However from a photographic point of view, it is heaven.  I got inside to take a lot of these photo's, not safe I am sure, graffiti artists have had a field day and I am sure a lot of squatters have slept the night here.   Her old bones are settling into the earth, unloved..... I wish my sisters where here they would have shown her the love she deserves!!!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Paddy's choices for April

 pure setting
 elegant setting
 expressive setting
and aperture setting
SOMETHING COLOURFUL I have been making these hand bound journals and I guess this is as colourful as I get.  I have done the photo's in the different settings again and in this instance I think the elegant setting shows the richness of colour whereas the expressive changes the colour, in particular the bottom album which shows the true colour in the bottom photo, interesting exercise, I think the pure would be ok in a different setting, the 2nd photo shows the cloth in the background closer to the true colour.

Kalamunda Mkts

Had fun last Saturday at the Kalamunda markets, I was in amongst the trees and closer to my neighbours, good company, sales where slow but covered my expenses.  I spent most of what I took but I couldn't resist.  The ferns above are well grown and all the leathery leaf ferns and at $7.50, a retiree grows them and only does the market a couple of times a year, at $7.50 each, I was stoked.
In the first photo, was something else I couldn't resist, thanks to Pinterest, I got the large silver coffee pot and five small silver bowls for $20 for the lot, all nicely tarnished.  I am going to put cacti and succulents in them and place on a silver tray.  My largest purchase was a yoghurt maker (electric), I go through a 500 ml pot a week, this way I can make my own.  The stall next to me was two delightful girls who teach cheese and yoghurt making classes, bought the machine off them $70.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


wanted to share with you these photos I took in Polperro, Cornwall, England.  Granny Johnsons (nee Heath) father was born here and went to sea from here as a 14 year old boy, I am imagining that a lot of these buildings would not have been there then.  Isn't it beautiful, although he only came back to visit his dear old mum.  He would have played and walked these very narrow streets, you could almost stretch your arms out and touch both sides.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sharons a single flower

 aperture setting
the last two are my attempt at wabi sabi, the little ink bottle is about 2 inches high, the first photo's I took like this I had the bottle placed about 6 inches from the end of the table and the camera low down, the table line and shadow went across the middle of the rose and it looked unbalanced, in these two the bottle is about 1 inch from end of table and camera still low creates more balance but I think if I put the camera on the table I would get the line at the bottom of the bottle, I will try that next time.
I am really liking the pure setting, on my camera it is on the setting with symbol of a painters palette, it is also where I get black and white, pinhole and other colour ways.  I think the pure takes out a lot of the shadows and is the softer look I am trying to get.  the one in the middle was taken in the garden, I picked the rose (I only have one in the whole garden) and placed it on the lavender bush, I liked the colour contrast between pink and grey it was on pure setting but still brighter than I wanted.  the top two the pure setting is what I am looking for.  What do you think.  
Better go and put all the props away now.  I enjoy trying to create something that I have in my eyes mind.  Getting there.
Note, none of these have been adjusted on the computer just as I have taken them from my camera
Wooops I made a mistake, this was the one I meant to put on, as you can see the edge of the table is level with the bottom of the bottle, can you see how much better it is balanced and you get the nice shadows on the wall

Monday, April 1, 2013

Sharons Easter

I am experimenting with my camera settings.  I want to create a really soft looking photo like the ones in Jeanne d'Arc magazine which is in the background.  I am also trying to get better at creating interesting groupings.  the cards are easter cards Joanne made and thought the rosary and cross symbolic of easter.
I would value your opinion on what you think.