Tuesday, July 31, 2012

August challenge

my august choices

  1. close up view of fabric and lace
  2. inspiring garden landscape
  3. bare branches
  4. train

Monday, July 30, 2012

how cool are these colours

how seductive are all these curves, curves seem to have gone out of fashion but i still love a car with lots of curves.  I took these photo's while in the city with Jo and Sam, they where in the shoe shop so I wasn't holding them up while taking photo's, couldn't resist taking one of the shoes in the window in bright fluorescent colours and killer heels, had to giggle, they look so silly.

Yay I got there

 On Sunday John and I went to Northbridge to see Phil at the fair she was doing, after a look around we went to the nearby Museum where there was a photography exhibition but no Aboriginal art, but enjoyed the photography especially as each exhibit had details of camera used and settings which was very informative.  We then went to the Art Gallery next door where they have the Picasso to Warhol 14 Modern Masters exhibition, as it is on until November decided to just look in the free part of the gallery and what do you think!!!! Aboriginal art, wonderful Aboriginal art and I could take photo's.  They are all wonderful, but I think my favourite one is the 2nd photo.  The one of the little Aboriginal girl is called the birthday party, isn't that special. love her paper hat.... do you like them Sharon

and lastly Phil's NIGHT LIGHTS hmmmn this was such a challenge, as don't go out much at night, ended up taking them at home, the first one Paddy I copied you and had lit candles out in the garden, the other two are my reading lamp next to my favourite chair.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Last of Paddy's choices for July

whooow this month is just flying by,  this is my photo of SPICE, and two to go, Aboriginal Art and Night lights. The second photo is of some lovely little white bowls that I like, I used a couple of them in the spice photo plus a little silver spoon one of the girls bought for me in Cambodia, isn't it sweet...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

two of Phil's

                                                some of my favourite BOOKS
 and the lovely texture of old BOOKS

I did have fun taking these reflections in mirrors, I just love taking photo's, and can always find an excuse to go looking for one of our challenges, have in mind somewhere to go tomorrow to find the last three.  Paddy's SPICE, Sharon's ABORIGINAL ART and Phil's LIGHT AT NIGHT.

two of Sharon's

    it is a sort of BIRD FEEDER, hey look at that rose in the background, flowers good at this time of the year, nice to have a rose in winter.
 if you look very closely, there is a BIRD IN FLIGHT I was stalking it carefully, it was one of those stroke type birds, thinking if I got close enough it would gracefully  go up then fly away, and I would catch it on my camera, not taking into account a skinny hairy arsed little mutt, that shot out and frightened it into sudden flight, grrrhhhhh can you see said dog also in full flight, no my foot wasn't anywhere near its read end......
                     waited for ages for these birds to take flight, this was the best I could do

I got three in one in this shot, shadows, red and bird in flight, can you see it with its red tail which you only see when its in flight or stretched out.  These black cockatoo's I have never seen in the park at this time of the year, how lucky for me to see them....

two more of Paddy's

 isn't this little car gorgeous, its just down the road, a young couple from Queensland live here and are doing there gardens up very creatively with cactus, I am hoping they will incorporate the little car into their landscape, its completely gutted.
                             this lovely old paperbark tree, suggests OLDNESS to me as well
                  and I just loved the colour and texture of this fallen branch below
                               my little old dresser showing all the signs of age
                LOOKING IN to a shaped glass jar that I have a gathering of natural found objects
                                                               and a different angle

last of my choices for July

 I took all these photo's today while taking angus for a walk to the park.  Brilliant day here and found lots of RED.....
                                                        the cocky little beast
                              haha always wanted to be tall and slim, SHADOWS are fun

Sunday, July 15, 2012

my choice - waterfall

 Sharons choice - abstract

Phil and I took off at 9am this morning in lovely sunshine thinking we would get a photo of a waterfall at Mundaring Weir, wrong!!!! From the time it took us to get up there, 20 minutes, blue skies had turned to grey and as we got out of the car at Mundaring weir it started to rain and didn't stop. hmmmn.
These bottom two photo's are quickly taken at the weir.  In the bottom one you can see the water line way down, there was no way it was going to overflow in the near future, it would go over the wall below the steel walkway.  Cut little building on the wall which was closed and we could not walk over, the photo above shows the other side of the wall, so far down, shows how high the wall is, and another cute little building way down there.  So that was our little excursion, however it is always nice to spend a bit of time with your sister.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Phils vegetables

the lettuce's in the top two photo's have been keeping me in salads, as photo's go, I like the second one best as it gives a variety of shapes and colour.  I was trying to take them quickly in the rain, which you can tell by the wetness of the silver beet, can you see the fresh young puha, that goes in my salads as well, it pops up all around the garden.

 I know these are not vegetables but I got such a thrill when I saw them that I had to take a photo, aren't they magical.  But they are in my vege garden, does that count.

look at the wonderful pattern underneath the mushroom, love this shade of white.  Don't know if they are edible or not, would not take the risk of eating them.