Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy New Year to my sisters

Happy New Year

to my sisters
2013 is going to be fantastic
enjoy the ride

JANUARY 2013 Choice

My choice for January 2013 is going to be creative.  Find images to photograph to make a word, the choice of word is yours to choose.  No cropping, so you will need to find letters in objects and take a close up so it shows as a letter.  Or you can create the letter with pebbles or sticks.  This is from  my book Creative Photographer by Catherine Anderson.  Have fun....

Friday, December 28, 2012

last two of Phils for Dec 2012

 TABLE SETTING, I didn't get around to taking many photo's on xmas lunch, it was a casual meal and this is what we used.  The paper napkin I got from Ikea, I thought they where nice
Well all your fruit salads and pavlova looked so nice thought I would do something different. I know, not good on the waistline.  But I have found that the supermarkets have cut lots of the christmas food by half or more.  So have double thick rum custard, fruit salad fresh, ice cream and extra thick cream also reduced with a cherry on top.  Tasted real good too. Oh, and I put the lychee's (tinned) in the freezer so they would be cold in time, then I forgot I had put them there and was hunting everywhere for them, finally remembered, they where just starting to go icey, nice and cold.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Christmas home this year 2012

 I kinda liked how this outside area turned out, this was where we celebrated christmas lunch on the Saturday.  The chandelier, was very expensive and exclusive, haha.  I used an old hanging basket,  I had some tulle left over after making the big tulle hanging ball.  Threaded it through the bars and fluffed it out in the middle.  attached old crystal bits of a chandelier and then threaded glass bead swag around the top, cool aye, well I liked it
 my new mirror.  I went out shopping with great expectations that I was just going to find what I wanted for my christmas decorating.  Some pine swags and big packs of candles, hmmmn, never found either.  So used the Eucolyptus ones I have had for quite a few years and had to buy the candles individually, I wanted white and don't like the one perfumed vanilla.  They worked out quite expensive, still will have them for next year.
 Star John made from salvage yard timber, looked so pretty lit up at front door
under the pergola with lights lit up.  I bought these party lights, took out all the coloured bulbs and replaced with clear bulbs, they did look pretty, moved the tulle ball to the centre.  I like the white chines lanterns in 2 sizes, by the time I got my act together there was none of the big ones left.  The lights make this area more usable at night, we had tea out there most nights while Kirsty and family where here.  Now I want one of those big fans up on the edge of the guttering to keep it cool.

 Not so easy to downsize
 my christmas tree, I never got any photo's with presents underneath.  I had thin red striped paper which did look nice with all the white.
 mantle piece with the white candles
 display on top of TV cabinet, I would have liked fresh greenery but didn't know where to get it

 Some of the christmas lights I got in the city, this was St Georges Terrace with a row of beautiful angels on top of poles down the centre of the street.

 I think Jo liked her present
These beautiful gold sparkly decorations where in one of the arcades

a couple more for Sharon

SEA SCENE I wanted to add these two photo's that I took when I was in Brisbane last month and we went to this beautiful beach, I love the rocky foreshore, and the mermaid resting on the rocks
 CAR I love this old Buick, sigh, they knew how to make beautiful cars way back then

and a close up of this one in my garden, as you can see it is upside down, that is the opening arm

last of my Dec choices

 GARDEN PATH LEADING SOMEWHERE to the gazebo, had to get this photo fast as John has an aversion to leaves on the paving.
 MALES IN MY LIFE I didn't manage to get any photo's of my grandson's last month, so have included them here.  This is Ronin, 13 years old, goes to High School next year, wants to be a mechanic or engineer.  Lovely boy who is passionate about scooters and performing tricks on them.
 My boy, not looking the healthiest but that is to be expected.  His hair has grown back black, Ronin is almost as tall as Raymon, I didn't see Randall, he is 18 now and working at whatever work he can get.  He is living with Kylie at the moment as there are more job opportunities out that way.
And last but not least Jack, also 13 and starting High School next year, ambition is to be a sportsman.  Jack is also shooting up and at a guess about the same height as Ronin, both make me feel like a midget, need to cut them off at the kneecaps.

Phils Dec choices

FLOWERING TREE I chose the West Aust Christmas tree, its flowers are so vibrant at this time of the year in the native bush.  Not the best photo, but when its 40 degrees you don't want to spend to much time getting the perfect shot

Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Dec Choices

SUMMER in Perth

Sharons Dec choices

 SEA SCENE breaking waves, taken yesterday, was so inviting, it was so hot!!!!
VISUAL POLUTION all that energy pollutes the atmosphere
CHRISTMAS PRESENTS fabric angel wings for Kirsty
 for Raymon Dads war history
 for Jessica

Journal on Women in her life for Joanne, I am quite proud of myself, I made all my Christmas presents this year, mostly in materials I had on hand.
CELEBRATION of Christmas

Paddy's Dec choices

Salvage yard find wood John made into my Christmas tree

Monday, December 17, 2012

battle of the red back spiders

 On Saturday, a much hated chore, cleaning the windows, I flushed out two red back spiders.  I couldn't resist capturing them on camera.  I must of really pppp them off, for they came out, red spots blazing.  the smaller one on the top at first seemed to be trapped in some cobweb, but when she got free she clambered up to a position of dominance, thereby advancing then retreating until she felt in a position to her liking.  They didn't seem to fight much, I guess she got in the first shot of venom.  Must of sat there pumping poison into the other one until finally I turned the hose onto her full jet, the winner was, me, haha
By the way although I hate washing the windows I do love it when they are nice and sparkly clean, opens up a whole new world.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


1     MALE in your life

2     SUMMER


4     PATHWAY leading somewhere

happy snapping

phils November choice

This is Phils choice SHOES.
finally, finally I have been able to upload a photo.  I went back to 2007 on my Vintage Vignette blog and saved all my posts up to 2010, then went on to picaso and deleted over 400 photo's.
BLACK AND WHITE taken in Brisbane

GATHERING taken at the Art Gallery in Melbourne, aren't the cool....

 GRANDDAUGHTERS Courtney who is at High School and 15 years old this year gone
 Samara works at HBF health Insurance and has just turned 22
 Maddison 11years old at Primary School, Jessica mummy to 2 and turns 20 at the end of the month, Kaitlin 12 years old and off to High School next year.
and last but not least Miss lyssie, Alyssa turns 11 just before Christmas and she is t Primary school.       Thank you so much Paddy and Sharon with your help in getting me back on my blog, it has driven me to distraction.