Monday, April 30, 2012

choices for May

My choices for May are as follows

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sharon and my choices for April

Sharon Garden ornament



mine zinc

old bones

dead tree

ok sharon will this do as a school

sliding in by the seat of my pants

Phils choices
front door
someones shoes
Mystery photo
No 5

Ok Paddy's choices


old silver

ok I cheated, in York

a day with my sister

Spent the day with Phil at the Treasured Craft Fair where Phil had a stall.  We arrived early enough to go across and take photo's of the ferris wheel, the sky was grey and some of the photo's where taken in colour and some in black and white, hard to tell which was which, the first one is in colour so you can tell.  The last one was of a sign for some sort of dancing thought they had such strong faces.  All on iso 100.  Oh, and the the fair, I spent too much money as usual on things for my art and some nice vintage pieces, european linen table cloth and a syphon soda bottle which was a real bargain at $10 and i enjoyed the day, thanks Phil.....

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Anzac day in WA

 iso 100 f8 1/250
 iso 100 f8 1/1000
 iso 100 f8 1/30
 iso 100 f8 1/50
 iso 100 f8 1/250

 iso 100 f8 1/100 taken at 5.26
iso 100 f8 1/125 taken at 5.28

iso 100 f8 1/125 taken at 5.30
On Wednesday I waited until the afternoon when the sun came out, to shoot over to Kings Park around 4 o'clock when I would get the sunset on the war memorial.  I thought all the crowds would have gone home but there was still heaps around, it was such a balmy afternoon.  I really loved how the photo's came out.  The sun was slowly going down behind me creating lovely colours in the sky and coating the buildings with honey.  I have included 3 photo's of the same scene to show you how the sun differed every 2 minutes, it was dusk when I got home that is how fast it moves at this time of the day.  I love how it lit up the city below as well, bathing it in sunshine.  The reflections on the water where amazing.  Have a go, you need to watch the sky if it is clear with some clouds it can be magical.  The number on the end i.e. 1/ is automatically set by my camera where I set the iso to 100 and the focus to f8.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Norcia day 1

iso 80 f/5 1/800

iso 125 f28 1/100 
 This was my first day of workshop, the two photo's above I went out before most where up as I wanted to catch the sunrise coming over the land about 6.30 am. this was on manual setting, at this stage we hadn't covered iso etc
 iso 100 f4 1/400
We climbed over the fence to take this and the next one, the stubble had been burnt so ground was black. Taken at this angle because the sun was hitting the wall on the left and shadow on the front creating shape and form.
iso 100 f8 1/125
taken with sun behind me, got down real low to look up the creek bed, light hitting the water creates sparkle
 iso 100 f8 1/40
 today was learning composition, the subject the little old abandoned house is in bottom third and to the right in this instance.
iso 100 f8 1/400
I have got down low and used the fence as a frame, which worked really well, I think!
iso 800 f4.5 1/15 -0.3
this is the chapel in Saint Gertrudes boarding house for girls, also where we stayed, this was taken from the upper balcony which was in the middle of two lots of dormitory's  that we slept in.  camera was tilted upwards to get the lovely shape of the ceiling, photo is a bit crooked and I will straighten it later.
 iso 800 f4.5 1/3200 -0.3
this one is for you Phil, thought you would like a close up of the beautiful angels
 iso 100 -0.3ev f4.5 1/640
using a block in wall as a frame, nice shadows
 iso 100 -0.3ev f4.5 1/2000
This was taken close to the side of the building with the camera on angle and tipped up, makes a more interesting shot of the building

 iso 800 -0.3ev f4.5 1/3200
this is a good example of the wrong iso setting it should have been 100 but forgot to change it.  This is the boys boarding school and where we had our meals.  I toured all over the inside and will share some really good photo's taken inside.
 iso 3200 -0.3 ev f4.5 1/80
this one is interesting as we bumped the iso up to 3200.  This one is my favourite chapel as it is in a quite naive Spanish style, long and narrow, and very white.  there is a guy vacuuming about mid way.
 iso 100 
taken late afternoon the flock of birds being the point of interest, blasted things I waited ages to catch them I am sure they had camera radar
 iso 100
late afternoon, lovely shadows giving shape and form
iso 100
the timber railing giving point of interest
If you are still with me, I gave up  putting the other details from the photo info, as I haven't learnt what they mean as yet.  Hoped I shared enough info to help you.

Monday, April 23, 2012

New Norcia unexpected visits

This poor little guy had been attacked by magpies, before being taken off to the vet, we took it into the chapel to take photo's.  Doesn't he look just forlorn.  I was unable to get a good close up with my camera as the zoom was not sufficient to get near without frightening the poor thing.  Steve our tutor got some real good photo's and put one on my usb will share when I find it.  But isn't it just beautiful, had its wing strapped and went off to a wildlife home to recuperate.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Portraits at New Norcia

 This was the first portrait I took, ISO 800 f4.5 1/500 subject our chef.  This was the best one as you can clearly see the light and great shadow giving his face form and shape, captured the light hitting his right eye which gives life to the portrait.  I will play around with this on photoshop and get rid of the background.  All these photo's have not been manipulated on photoshop.
This was lovely Lester, a real sweetie.  He took me looking for kangaroo's one day just before tea, found a few but I could not remember what Steve our teacher had told us to do when subject was moving, so didn't get any shots.  I should of got him to move his face to capture light coming in the window.
ISO 800 f4.5 1/125
 I took this photo of this lovely guy smothered in sunscreen sitting having his photo taken, I asked if I could take one as well.  Then I had to sit in with him to have my photo taken with him, which I obliged.  This was at the Pinacles, I got a good shot of light and shadow but was unable to capture the light in his eyes.  ISO 100 f7.1 1/640
 This lovely elegant lady is Phillipa, who reminded me so much of my Phillipa.  Tall elegant, long floating clothes, she looked marvellous in yellows and oranges.  Phillipa taught the felting group and was from Brisbane.  She has wonderful bone structure, but I didn't capture enough shadow and light, I try to rush it so they won't be embarrassed.  ISO 800 f7.1 1/50
And this is Glenys our big boss who is the organiser and one of the teachers.  This is quite good, good light and shadow, foreground not too good. ISO 800 f7.1 1/8
The rule of thumb with ISO was inside 800 and outside 100.  I learnt the ISO pretty quick but still need to practise on focus.  Portraits where only covered very little, mainly landscapes.  Will add more later.