Thursday, November 29, 2012

Picaso problems

As you can see I am having problems downloading photo's.  In an effort to delete some photo's and make more room I have lost some of my blog.  Unfortunately I won't get Phils choices for November up until this problem is solved.  Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My choices


CHILDREN this little tyke was all dressed up like daddy, isn't he too cute

Paddy's Choices

 GREEN tomatoes
GREEN cool window shades that I lusted over in Queensland

Sharon's choices

 While staying with Sharon, we were traveling home as the sun was setting, there was these lovely jet streams etched against the sky and I was only just able to capture this photo.
 The BODY LANGUAGE of this woman who was collecting donations in Melbourne amused me with her skeleton stockings and the red bucket with Bad written on it.
LIQUID in the fountain outside the art gallery in Melbourne, there is so much to see and photograph there


I have finally succeeded in uploading a photo.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My choice for November

PATTERNED CUP AND SAUCER ok I cheated and blurred the edges, thinking back, I think it would have looked better in amongst other china

Paddy,s more of November

 Woops, sorry this one is Sharons choice MONO
 Paddy's choice for FRESH grape leaves, so lovely when they are fresh in spring

Parsley gone to seed, the flower heads are great for putting in a vase with roses.

Paddy's November choice

 WHITE as you can see I have had a lot of fun trying to capture some photo's of Samara's kitten that I was baby sitting for a few hours, took a lot of patience, and some creative tempting to keep him where I wanted him to be.  Isn't he just gorgeous, pity I didn't have him last month for eyes, as he has amazing palest blue eyes.  Oh, and look at those little pink paws and ears, this was when he decided he needed to clean himself.  He was a lot of fun, but quiet happy for him to go home, I prefer older cats as pets, way to much energy.

Thanks Paddy for choosing white, no doubt I will find more over the month.