Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sharon's October choices

DUO garden chairs and two soda syphon's
 SOLITUDE moon gazing hare
 This bright eyed little puppy is Phaelon, Samara's pet, Anthony had to hold his hair back so we could see his eyes, cute as a button ANIMAL EYES
 LOVE this book I just received from The Book Depository, it is a new publication and it set my heart on fire to spend a month or two in Paris.


  1. jacky you have outdone yourself the chairs just make me won't to sit with a good book the shadow add interest to the photo giving a shady outlook and inviting i just adore your solitude the simplicity i love animal eyes are great love can see you with a cuppa reading and dreaming

  2. Nice peaceful outdoor setting. Had Aaron over so been a bit busy and having trouble with my blogging.