Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Phil's August choice

I made up this lounger to make it look like a place you would want to rest and enjoy the garden which is what our real estate agent is promoting out home as.  The lounger is just one of those cheap green and dirty white stripe.  I have been wanting to paint the frame white and put a pretty cover on it for a while now and not got around to doing it.  I have used pretty cloths to cover the mattress and a shabby chic table cloth over the cushions.  It was really hard to photograph, if I stood at the end it made it look really long and boring, if I could have got higher up and look down on it might have looked ok, but it was raining when I took the photo.  The best photo I could get was standing inside crouching down and across on an angle.  Do you think it looks inviting to rest and enjoy the garden, something I rarely get to do.

Last one of Paddy's choice for August


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sharon's choice for August

Sharon's choice for August ANIMALS.  Yesterday John and I decided to have a day away from the house.  Went to Caversham wildlife park about 15 mins drive from home.  It was a beautiful day but the sun was very bright and found taking photo's quite hard.
 This was taken through glass and came out not too bad, he is so cute aye
 There where heaps of kangaroo's, the park was very clean and the animals healthy and well looked after, very tame.  We where fascinated by the white ones, not sure what breed they are.

                                      Miss Piggy, inside a barn, sleeping blissfully away

 This ones for you Phil, like me I know you love donkey's, wondering if I could have one on my block
                             Of course the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence
 I had to enhance and change this photo as it was quite dark, but thought you would love it.  Brought back so many memories of us feeding lambs when we where kids.
                                     Bats just hanging around enjoying the sunshine
                                  Lovely leathery wings wrapping them up tight like mummies
This possum is curled up asleep inside a nesting box with a perspex front so you can see inside, look at the little pink nose.
It cost us $24 each to get in which i thought was a bit steep, but was so worth it, we where there 4 hours.  The enclosures for the birds and animals where very thoughtfully designed for their comfort, they all looked happy health and contented, it was obvious that the entry charge is put back into the animals and birds making sure they lived in a good environment, the gardens where beautiful reminded me very much of the parks in Queensland.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Paddy's choices


SPRING not that you would know it here in Perth, we have had such rainy weather.  You can see by these snowdrops in my front garden the rain on the flowers.  The other photo of snowdrops are my mystery bulbs growing in glass container.  I only got one jonquil flower.

group of three

My choice for August GROUP OF THREE I took 2 of the crystal carafe's the first one is in colour and the second is black and white, which do you think looks better, I can't decide.  I love the pine cones as you can see it was raining, we have had so much rain lately, very unusual.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Group of three

FAMILY GROUP OF THREE. After I went to the Art Gallery just there yesterday, I sat down below at this water feature to have a snack.  This man and his two children had a great time exploring what was in the water.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Choice for August

My choice for August is