Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sharons Choices

 CUTE ANIMAL is Phaelon Samara's little puppy, who is real cute, I call him Radar because he usually has those ears out like radars.

 these are my WORKING TOOLS you can tell by the mess on them that they are well used............
 FLOWERING TREE a banksia I think, I had to stop on a corner and quickly take this through my window they are planting them along the motorway and look particularly nice at the moment.

 When Sharon chose Flowering Trees I wondered if I could find any here at this time of the year, spring there are plenty.  I went up to Greenmount on Sunday to check out a market that I thought maybe it could be suitable to have a stall, unfortunately I don't think my products would sell there, however there was this wonderful tree in the car park, I just had to share with you a close up of the flowers, aren't they just exquisite.
 hehehe Phil, what you have got to do it be sneaky and ready for that window of opportunity, this is my puny boy (private joke) when we where at Lake Leshenaultia on Saturday.  John is enjoying taking photo's too, this is where the old point and shoot comes in handy, he didn't even know I had taken it.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

weekend photography

The weather here is beautiful autumn temperatures around 25 deg, John and I headed up in the hills to spend some time getting to know our camera's.  Stopping at Mundaring to pick up a chicken roll, pastry and coffees we continued to Lake Leshenaultia 10 minutes further on.  We sat and had our coffee and pastry looking out over the lake, taking practice shots, trying this and that.  Then we walked around the lake which is a 3km lovely walk with the natural bush on one side and the lake on the other, stopping frequently to try different angles and light.  I managed to get a few really nice ones and of course deleted just as many.  We won't know what Johns turn out like until we get the film developed, it will be interesting to compare.  I wanted to use the 36 film up as I have bought 2 better quality films,one in colour and one black and white to take with me to New Norcia in a few weeks time.

A study of the birdlife around the lake.  Sharon this was where we were when you sent text re Bill, hope he is recovering!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I am trying to get used to using Photoshop elements, spent ages just trying to save it to a place that I could upload it here.  I used lomo and added shadow to the background.  I need to play around a lot more before I go to New Norcia, I would like to know at least a little bit and not be the class dummy.  Do you think it has improved the photo?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

taking portraits

This photo I took of Joanne a few years back I particularly like, I like the naturalness of it, she doesn't appear self conscious, relaxed a the natural lighting reflects highlighting her skin tones.  My family are not comfortable with having their photo's taken, I think maybe if you can get them to relax it is better.  I know the background is not the best but it doesn't matter its a good photo of Jo and just how she looks.  I think maybe when professional photographers take portrait photo's they do things to relax and distract the subject.  What do you think.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Phils Choices

Yesterday I went to some of my favourite shops to take these photo's, Street shopping is what I like best but unfortunately you have to travel to them and sometimes they are out on their own.  Sometimes I like the back of shops better, you see some cool things there.
                                                                      White on white
                                                                Black and white

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I love this Madonna, I saw it in a antique shop a couple of years ago and the kids put in the money to buy her for me for Christmas that year.  I get so much pleasure from her lovely demure aged beauty.  She was bought from Europe and one wonders what she has seen in her life time.  I love that she is incomplete, it adds to her authenticity and she tells a story.  I have seen reproductions of her in magazines, she must of been very popular.  I wonder if someone in Europe had her in a outdoors shrine or placed in a much loved garden.  I hope you enjoy her as much as I do.

old china


the chaos spills off my workspace in my studio onto my kitchen table, and sometimes depending on what I am doing, it can spill onto a trestle in the garage when John's car is not there.

This is supposed to be my work desk, but the computer has ended up here where it is close to the powerpoint and phone jack for the internet.  Leaves very little space to do my journal work or anything else.  I do try to be organised but somehow it ends up this way in no time at all

                     Religious Icon in my Easter Vignette, inspired by Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine

Paddy's choices for March

I have discovered a setting on my camera, monochrome, the bottom two photo's are on that setting.  While cleaning up the garage recently I came across these trophy's of Mum and Dads, I am using them in my Easter display.