Thursday, August 30, 2012

Phil's August choices

                                    COTTON curtains, these are a favourite of mine.
   SILK threads, in shades of white, I have used them often as you can see from the one on the left, they gleam and glow
 old vintage LINEN, not too happy with these shots, would have liked them hanging in the garden, but the garden was too wet.

          tried to do something creative with the LIPSTICK I kinda like how it stands out from the whites

Sharon's Fashion I like

 I really struggle with taking fashion shots and photo's of people, want to learn more on doing better shots in this area.  Above is a top I bought from Metallicus which is a wool mix
And I like this brand for its simplicity, detail and light weight fabrics.  Not that I can afford them or that they suit me.  I love a lot of fashion that is around at the moment, the lovely 60's fashion that the young girls are wearing, coloured jeans that are fitting worn with flat converse shoes and t'shirts.  I like some of the lovely silk patterned dresses coming out for spring, the beautiful burnt oranges and rich greens.  Of course none of them suit me, but I do love looking at them.  Went into the most fabulous shop in Pinjarra last Friday (Pinjarra is like a one horse town), most wonderful clothes, very expensive, nothing much under $300, even the scarfs where $375 but what a feast for the eyes.  Best fashion shop I have been into anywhere and I think people come from all over to shop there, who can afford the prices, it was drool big time.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Paddy's August Choices

 OUT AND ABOUT at Ballingup Medieval Carnivale last weekend
 I picked this beautiful birds wing in Pinjarra, isn't it beautiful, NATURE and a seed pod below

Not quite an OP SHOP FIND Paddy but I am running out of time, I bought this lovely old Remington typewriter at Claremont Antique and Collectibles fair a couple of weeks ago, I just love it, couldn't work out where the power cord was, then remembered they didn't have them.

My choices for August

 INSPIRING GARDEN taken in Harvey where Phil and I stopped for lunch, which we had up on the deck on the first photo.  This garden inspires me as it is quite different each season, as you can see there is a lot of greenery and the spring bulbs are out at the moment, lots of snowdrops.

 I like these BARE BRANCHES and the way they trace against the sky, in the first one the little white dot is the moon, and can you see the butterfly near the end of the branch on the last one, we tried to get a close up but just wouldn't land anywhere close.
 I like this one of the Yellow TRAIN it had many thingys that they put coal etc, so long if you have to stop for them going across the road.

I just had to climb up into these old trains, so fascinated with the machinations of old trains, the wheels are a work of art.

Sharons Choices August

Oh no, I cannot believe that August is almost over, where did it go.... 

 Colour ORANGE I am reading a good book at the moment, Composition from snapshot to great shots by Laurie Excell, gives great advice on learning to compose your photo's, looking at this photo the little mandarin at the bottom would have been better off to to one side.

 and a nasturtium just for you Sharon
 I find this VIEW INSPIRING it makes me want to walk along this creek and see what is further up.
 can you see the fog, and the sun just picked up this little cottage through the trees in a valley, I find this inspiring too

Thursday, August 9, 2012

August Paddy's choice

Holding hands is my precious hands working on a project for an upcoming exhibition, what you can't see is the finger I slammed with the rubber mallet while pounding some copper sheet to flatten it.

August - Sharons choice

model Plane taken at the woodwork show last Friday when Phil and I went to the combined Patchwork and Craft with the Woodwork show.  We spent half an hour at the craft and one a half hours at the woodwork.  Then had lunch at the Claremont Quarter shopping centre, nice day out with my sister.