Sunday, October 28, 2012

November choices

1. WEDDINGS hehehe

2. CHILDREN all ages



have fun.......

Saturday, October 27, 2012

portrait with tripod

This is so hard, set timer, run quickly to where you think you should be, and then, oh, don't look at camera, should I smile, feel so stupid smiling at nothing, oh, ok will imagine something silly.  Ok, these are the three I thought where better than the others. First one I always loved a photo of Mum when she was about 16 standing in the garden, holding her hands, and this is my interpretation of that.  Second, well not looking at camera!!! and third one silly smile.  Did I learn anything from this exercise, yes, its not easy to appear relaxed, maybe you need someone else there to talk to or to make you laugh.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Love photography

I am constantly looking at things and thinking they would make a great photo.  I am so loving doing this blog and sharing with my three lovely sisters, I value your comments and just love looking at your photo's and the challenges of looking for new photo's.  Yesterday I took myself off to the movies down in Northbridge that shows alternative type movies that the other cinema's don't show.  It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining and James Street had a happy vibe to it that was different to the night scene, people sitting out on the pavement enjoying cups of coffee or going about their business.  The film I saw was Wuthering Heights, not my favourite movie, quite dreary with unrequited love and at times slow, but the scenery was amazing giving me great enjoyment just for that reason, I gazed at each take thinking what great photography it was.  This is another extension I find to photography, I often go to movies that I think the photography will be great and these alternative films give you that, they are more art than story oftentimes.
Have a great weekend

Paddy's last two for October

 No its not my best shot but sometimes you just can't get what you want.  What I was hoping to get was the look of old dirty dusty WINE bottles.  These are in the garage so it was sort of dark and they are dusty but just didn't show up.  Any ideas on how to achieve that look?

these two are my black and white.  I don't think I have enough contrast to get that deep black and white.  Too much white and no real black.  The top one I altered on the computer but still not what I wanted.  I think that black and white are better in strong light with contrasting dark and light colours, what do you think?

yehaaa Z

Z is for zinc, my zinc bucket I am very proud of, the first time I have successfully grown potatoes, well I hope it will be a success when I pull them.  I got this idea from NZ House and Garden.  you put your potato with eyes sprouting in the bottom, just cover with dirt, then as it grows you keep covering with dirt, it only took a week for it to grow to the top of the bucket and this photo shows it about 2 weeks after it reached the top, you then leave it until it flowers and the leaves die to get your lovely home grown potatoes, this is a kipfler potato and I just planted one that started to sprout.  I love how the sun is catching on the side of the watering can and bath, such lovely colours.  Thank you Paddy, for challenging us, at first I thought I wouldn't have time but I got caught up in it.  It didn't matter who got them all first it was proving to myself that I could get all of them.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

U, V, W, X, and Y

 U for umbrella, I know it looks like a big brown flower
V for vauxwagon, das auto
W for wheelbarrow
X for this club in the city, ha, I just noticed myself mirrored in the windowhehe twice

Y is for yellow
come on guys, I only have one to go and am waiting for you

Last of Phil's for October


Two of Paddy's choices for October

CRYSTAL sorry its not a stone, but it does have meaning for me, its 15 years service in employment.

Two of Phil's choices for October


another one of mine

BLUE AND WHITE I fell in love with these mosaic jugs at my local garden centre, bit expensive tho, didn't like to move their display around hence the white owl and the pot on the right.

Sharon's October choices

DUO garden chairs and two soda syphon's
 SOLITUDE moon gazing hare
 This bright eyed little puppy is Phaelon, Samara's pet, Anthony had to hold his hair back so we could see his eyes, cute as a button ANIMAL EYES
 LOVE this book I just received from The Book Depository, it is a new publication and it set my heart on fire to spend a month or two in Paris.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pinterest photo

I love the colours in this photo, the yellow truck glimpsed through the fog on the window, the gentleman outside looking down at something in his hand, the indistinct black writing on the window.  The gentleman has me curious, the snow on the ground creates a feeling of coldness.  The photo has a feeling of one in a warm room looking out into the cold with the condensation on the window blurring the edges.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

portrait with camera

I like the first one best, the light shines from the bedroom window creating lots of light and shadows. The second one I experimented, I wanted to have the mirror misted up, so I took the kettle in, but, the cord was too short so I had to sit it on a couple of folded towels, and then I found the mist evaporated quite fast, I like the concept.  Maybe if I ran the hot tap in the basin, only problem is water has got so expensive I cannot afford to waste it.  Oh well, more experimenting.  I like the angles of the last one but because I have my arm up it is blocking the light.  Good exercise and I find with the screen view tilted at different angles was tricky (1st photo) moving it around until you got the subject in the best angle.

my choice October

INSECT usually has two sets of wings and 6 legs, ie fly, moth, bee, cockroach.  I cheated with the fly and cropped it as I couldn't get more macro.  Best sort of fly, dead also the cockroach which we are inundated with lately due to the warm weather, they fly and this one is over an inch long, ewhhhh I like the one of the bee, but you have to be quick as they don't settle for long and they are very busy

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Alphabet I to T

I for ink

J for Journal

K for Kettle

L for Lamp

M for Mirror or Madonna

N for Nest

O for Orange

P for Pumpkin

Q for Quill

R for Rose

S for Sneakers

T for Table

Monday, October 8, 2012


A for angel

B for basket

C is for Chair

D is for decoration

E is for eggs

F is for Fern

G is for Glass

H is for hat
Hey this is fun Paddy, wracked my brain for the letter A, was going to do apple but I ate it.  So got my camera out and just walked around the house and garden until I found these letters.