Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New camera

 after much deliberation, to and fro ing, we finally settled on a camera.  We got a Leica V-Lux 3, 24 x super-telephoto zoom or 600 mm, 25mm wide angle.
 just playing around, this is John's camera (hehehe thats what I tell him) full zoom 24 times and below is mine which is only 10 times, so its a big advantage there, of course its not as good as your changeable lens that you can get a much closer range, but good enough for what we want.  Not much difference in the sharpness and colour but then both are Leica lens.

 Above is John's camera and below mine so much wider angle.  You can see how low the dam is by the darker mark on the tower where the water level should be.

and John took this on the macro setting, he had a lot of fun with it.
 My challenge was to take natural portrait photo's of older people, what angles to get them to sit or stand, which way to get them to turn their faces so face was in part shade part sun.  This one of John came out quite good as he hates posing for photo's.  When I did the workshop in New Norcia the only bit we covered in portrait photo's was having the light shining on the side of the face and to have the person looking to the right or left of your shoulder not straight at you.  We had a lot of fun trying different places and sitting in different angles.

 this is the slipway for the over run from the dam.
see I had my little camera, it was a lovely day, we climbed way up to the dam where we got lovely views.  I wanted John to run buck naked through the bush but he said he would need to wear his shoes and sox or he would get prickles in his feet, what a woose, and no he didn't oblige would make a good action photo aye.  We where there for about 4 hours, took our lunch.  This is something I am really looking forward to doing when John retires next year, as you can go through the week when there is no one else around.


  1. Sounds as though you had fun. The camera does make a difference, very nice. Love the photo John took of the flower (is it bottlebrush). It will be nice for you both to get out snapping photos together.

    1. It is a native flower but not a bottlebrush, prettier tree. It was fun, good together time.

  2. both your cameras are sharp you can see the difference in cameras but still think its the ideas you have that makes a photo lovely shots of the spill over great photo of john would have loved to see back view of shoes and socks you will have great fun when he retires

  3. all lovely photos, great close up John, the dam looks good.