Thursday, September 13, 2012

My choices for September

 Just for mum COLOUR PURPLE
 VEGE GARDEN in progress and below sort of finished, still got to put sawdust around beds

 vege bed No 2 not quiet finished either, have to pave and put up a screen
 BUDGET MEAL when I was at Ballingup I had Japanese Noodles for lunch on the Sunday, while I was waiting I watched the Japanese lady cooking the dish, she used a flat hot plate.  I kinda figured out how she made it. Put fresh Udon noodles $2.99 serves 4 in bowl and pour boiling water over. Chop up fresh vegetables i.e. cabbage, carrots, chives etc just lots at least half was vege's, I am including bean sprouts and mushrooms this time.  Just put in a hot pan with a spray of oil, keep tossing.  Pull out noodles from boiling water and toss with veges when mixed add splash of Japanese Soy Sauce $1.95 bottle, toss some more and splash of Sweet Soy Sauce Kecip Manis $2, toss until spread through noodles.  See above.  Put in a bowl zig zag over top Japanese mayonnaise,  sprinkle over top dried fish flakes $2.75 pkt enough for about 6 meals, sprinkle on top chopped up fine sea kelp.  see below.  I would say it would have cost less than $10 for 2 meals.  Tastes really yummy and so healthy.

Collie RIVER branches on right side brought down in the bad storm we had earlier in the year, I just missed all the wattle trees in flower.


  1. I like the vivid color of the violets. Have you got them growing. You have been busy with your vegetable garden. The iron type barrels are a good idea. Is that where your roses and pergola used to be?

  2. the purple of the viola are great favourite of mine too like the way you put it on the wood did highlight it you veggie garden is going to great good to see work in progress i thought it was outside your door but its in the back isn't it . that is a budget meal looks good too what a beautiful river ours are all dirty . i like the reflection in the water and how your eye is drawn down the middle to the big trees in the distance

  3. The violets I found when we went down south, just reminded me of mum. Paddy, the vege garden with the tanks is at the back of the house and the long one looking down to the garden shed is beside the garage, a narrow space not suited to much. Still have roses and pergola's. It is a beautiful river Sharon but not clear water like NZ. You have a good eye for detail.