Tuesday, February 28, 2012


this is my aged photo, me.  Growing older or reaching the age of retirement, to me, has been a positive, a wake up call.  Get my health back on track.  My time on this earth is getting nearer to the end.  And to enjoy every moment of it I need to be fit and healthy.  I would be really pissed with myself if I was on my death bed and thought that my last 20 years I achieved none of the things I wanted to do.  I want to do 100% and I have a long list.  So I am on track.  I am not going to mourn my smooth skin and dark brown hair, my slim body, no, I am embracing the grey hair, the wrinkles, hell, I earned them, and with gravity now taking over I certainly won't be wearing a bikini although I have been known to go skinny dipping with my sisters where no one could see us.  That I wouldn't have done when I had the figure to flaunt.  With age has come wisdom, the important things that matter.  I still have my eyesight, hearing, my legs take me where ever I want to go, maybe not as nimble but still getting me there.  Most importantly my hands still create my many interests and as long as they all are in working order I will be happy.  I am   very young and sassy, like a sexy chicken yeehaaa!!!  I will not let others dictate how I look, act or treat others, this only came with age.  Bring it on..

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