Saturday, January 28, 2012


        this one I had to stand on a rather rickety cane table but I like the background texture
                    I liked the image with one foot forward and I think this one is my favourite

think this one would have looked better with the left foot further ahead, but like the barbed wire effect

I wasn't sure how I was going to do my photographs for the Feb challenge so decided to do my own first then move on to someone else's and do each challenge as it comes otherwise I will get confused and miss some.  These are my photo's of my feet, yep those paddle shape things with toes are my feet, now don't laugh they have always been reliable in holding me up and getting me where I want to go.  Hope no one has a foot fetish.  I took all these photo's at home.  I looked for different textures to go with my feet and liked some and not so keen on others.


  1. i like the barbed wire and i think it would look better one in front love the way you think outside the square

  2. yes Sharon I ageee, even one foot sitting up on top of the barbed wire