Thursday, July 25, 2013

Paddy's Spring flowers

Yay, I finally got a spring flower, this jonquil is forced so it is in flower earlier than it would out in the garden.  Like Phil I put some bulbs in a glass container to have a go after seeing it on Pinterest, gotta love pinterest.  I put 3 of jonquils or paperwhites as they where named and 3 of something else which I cannot remember what.  The jonquils came up quite fast but the other 3 took ages, I was beginning to think that storing them in the fridge for a couple of months after forgetting they where there, had perhaps killed them.  Eventually they did come up.  Last week all of a sudden a bud popped out and in a day it was out in flower.
 Can you see the smaller ones just starting, well, one of them has a bud coming up so now I will be able to see what they where.  The brown outer part of the bulb makes the water go a bit brackish, I wonder if you could peel it off before putting them in, like an onion.  I had these glass marbles, think they look better in white stones.
Just in case you can't see the flower in the first photo I took a close up, love the perfume, smells of spring.


  1. arn't they fun, mine flowered yesterday too, and have quite a few more buds, nice photo.

  2. The flower looks very white and delicate.

  3. we don't get spring flowers so will try this they look great