Saturday, July 13, 2013

I have problems taking photo's of people I don't know, and struggle with taking good photo's of that type, even with those I do know.  So I thought I would add some photo's that I particularly love.  These first two photo's are taken by what I would call street photographers that quickly captured lovely shots of people, in this case Granny Johnson.  Because she is unaware, she isn't posed and looks very natural and relaxed.  I like the movement of the photo and how it captures her.  I also like how it records the history of fashion.  She was quite the fashionista wasn't she?  I like to study in detail the clothing worn. Also see the can pram off to the left or her and the canvas awnings.

 I can see in this one, granny is older, looks like the same corner by the awnings and the rubbish bin seems to have dissappeared or maybe it is a little more to the right , still very fashionable and she has a very elegant stride.

This one was taken at the show, see those frilly fairies we always would have loved to had, Phil, in grannies hand.  This was a more posed photo and not so natural, no movement.  But it does record the fashion and times.  See all the hats in the background, even the men can you see the man in the background between gran and auntie Dorothy.  And look at auntie Dorothy with her drop waisted dress, was it in October when the show was on in our time.  Look at the shoes.  This is a more static photo.

I think this would have still been a roving photographer.  Get this two dudes, Grampa looks so small next to dad, love the togs, wool, itchy.  And mum always proclaimed that we got our shapely legs from her, these legs look preety damn good! Fashion of the era in swimwear a good figure always looked good in whatever they wore, aye!

Dad and Ben at the races, what a couple of swells, look at the scarves or cravats as they where known in those days, hats no longer in vogue by the look of it.  You can just get a glimpse of a car in the background.
and my baby girl competing in athletics, looks happy and healthy.  lots of movement in this photo.  It is not easy to get out on the field to take these sort of photo's unless you are a bit pushy.  All the above photo's where taken with film before digital camera's and all in sepia which softens the backgrounds.
Today here in Perth and probably elsewhere, there are professional photographers once again taking photo's at sporting events.  There camera's are massive, with powerful zoom lens, to heavy for me to hold up.  They put the photo's up online for people to purchase, which is really great.  The only way I have found of getting good action shots on my camera is where you track quick photo's blindly, just a case of putting the subject in the frame and start clicking moving the camera slowly with them.  I will try this next week as Alyssa is coming up to play hockey, I tried doing it with Maddies skating but the movement was too fast and too hard to capture her without blurring.

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