Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My July choice is FOOD

My choice for July is FOOD, something you have cooked, 4 different foods and if you want to share, the recipe as well.
My first one is from the book I quit sugar.
Bacon and egg cupcakes
eggs, bacon, crumbled feta cheese and chopped herbs
oven 200 cook for 15 minutes

Oil or butter muffin tray
use a bacon rasher to line edge of each muffin cup using off cuts for bottom
( if you like your bacon crispy place in oven for 5 mins now)
crack a whole egg and drop in
put fetta cheese on top (crumbled this gives salty taste)
sprinkle herbs on top

place in oven for 15 mins until white of egg is cooked
remove from oven and let sit for a few minutes
using a knife to go around the edges to lift out.

My muffin tray is one of those silicone ones, this morning I made 5 as that is all the bacon I had, last time I made 6.  I have them hot and then put the rest in the fridge covered and eat as snacks over the next couple of days.  If I am going into town or the shops I take one in a container to avoid temptations I will also take them to Kalamunda markets for my lunch with some soup.  I like them cold also.
Bon Appettit


  1. I tried to make these and don't think they came out that well. Yours look nice.

  2. Did you add the fetta cheese on top, I find that gives it a salt. Mine came out like this both times I made them. I also found that at 200 deg they where cooked in 15 minutes but different ovens cook differently sometimes it is trial and error to start with.