Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Paddy's July Choices

 OUT AND ABOUT I went into the city this morning, while I was there I took these photo's.  It is a grey gloomy day and thought the city looked better in B& W.  I was shocked to see how many shops have closed down, quite depressing.
 CACTI well succulents really.  These on my topiary, as you can see, starting to grow nicely with the wetter weather and below is the bottom of the topiary I like the way it is curling around her.

 I find it hard to make round objects look interesting.
 hmmn Paddy we have only just got out of autumn, SPRING!!! this is the best I could do for spring flowers and about the only flowers in my garden

 FLOWER BUDS not a lot of these at the moment either, so I chose the buds on the puha that is popping up everywhere with the rain and below a brave hibiscus.
Looks like it is frosted with sugar


  1. love the black and white town were you up high very good shots really love the pink rose and hibucus the statue with trailing is a great shot

  2. I was on a overhead walkway for the black and white photo's. The statue is on the side of the pot with topiary on it.

  3. Love the composition of the second photo particularly. Your eye is drawn to the row of people walking, lovely. The cacti have beautiful shapes. Love the pink rose and the orange flower. Awesome how you have got that frosted look.

  4. I agree Paddy, the 2nd photo, if you follow the 2 3rd rule the people are standing about on that line and it draws your eye there. It is good to get others outlook, when I re look at the photo's I can see it too.

  5. I wondered where you were for B & W photos, they came out great.I like the top one, it has a loniness look about it.
    Cacti are great, I know what you mean about round objects, they never really look round, but I like it, just looks abit oblong and thats a nice look.
    Your flowers are wonderful, almost looks like summer. Nice vivid colours.