Monday, November 25, 2013

Busy weekend

 Sunday week ago I did a Encaustic art workshop at Midland.  The workshop was held in the gallery of this beautiful old building.  Upstairs all the rooms are let out to artists as studio's.  You can see why I loved the building.  All chipped paint and this beautiful staircase in a lovely shade of blue, I had to take photo's in the lunch break.  the stairs where a bit difficult to photograph as it had short run of steps then turned.  Wanted to capture the colours and textures.

 this was out the back
 Oh, this was the encaustic art pieces I made, encaustic is made up of layers of coloured wax, was quite fun.
I finished them off at home, embedding heavier objects into the wax.
 On the Saturday, I spent the day with Phil at the fair in Claremont.  And like I just needed MORE old books to pack for Donnybrook, I bought these lovely old books drawn by the texture and colours. 5 for $15, rarely see any like this here and they usually want a fortune for them.  I think the language in them is Dutch but are they not beautiful.  You know my passion for old books, I have already used some pages in the encaustic art the next day, just a couple as I don't want to ruin the shape of the books.


  1. Nice photos. Love the old books and the way you have photographed them. That was cheap for them. The Mother-In-Law Tongue plant looks good on the ledge. Good luck with your shifting.

  2. nice photos Jacky. The encaustic looks interesting.