Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gisborne my home town

 I love this photo of four sisters having fun and enjoying being with each other, actually what exactly where you doing sharon, I can see mischief written all over your face behind me, hmmm!!!!
 Waikanae beach where the river meets the Pacific Ocean, many memories of summer days spent here with family
 moss covered rocks make a nice photo
 Donna mimicking Young Nick pointing to Young Nicks Head, Nick was the cabin boy on the Endeavour with Captain Cook
 lovely little white church nestled into the side of the hill on the way up Kaiti Hill, a popular spot for young lovers, yeah I went up there when I was young as I bet you all did at some time or other
 At the top of Kaiti hill you get the most amazing view of my home town, the ever patient Peter took this photo as he did the other one of the four sisters.  Peter was so patient taking photo's of us with our camera's, often he had four camera's at once and still taking great photo's.  Thank you Peter so much.
This was a favourite photo that I took of Gisborne through the New Zealand flax flowers


  1. what memeries i was really touched by gisborne this time having all the places pointed out was so good thanks jacky for that

  2. I didn't have my camera to take photos of that moss but got it on phone. It was beautiful and green. Who's that chick walking along ha ha. Love how you got the green along the side of the path. Great shot of Gisborne through the flax. My one didn't come out very clear.