Sunday, November 3, 2013

beautiful, lush New Zealand

 I was so enraptured with New Zealands stunning landscapes.  Once we got away from the cities it was like traveling through England, everywhere it was as if someone had landscaped the countryside, I was in awe.  I know we struck spring the most beautiful time of the year, but we saw spectacular rhododendrons everywhere, I tried to capture with my photo's the beauty but also what I think of as the best of New Zealand, the gardens, the bush and the spectacular coastlines.
I fell in love with these beautiful sculptural trees that where just coming into the softest pale green leaves, I had to ask someone if they knew what they where, she thought they where weeping ash.  This specimen was one of about six or more and by the size of them I would say they where quite old, loved the way the branches reached out then entwined and twisted into an amazing sculpture.
 Looking down to the ocean as we came over the hill to Ohope beach, love the shape and form of the beautiful natural bush, so dense when looked down from above, it would be an adventure walking through it and imagining a moa or kiwi roaming looking for food.
 Long stretches of flat beaches between Whakatane and Opotiki, to early for the Pohutakawa's to be in bloom though.  In the distance is white Island.
 Waioeka Gorge, imagining all our descendants travelling this same route, always perilous, signs of large landslide last year.  I can recall getting out and walking while the car was driven through a landslide to afraid to be in the car.  Beautiful on this lovely sunny day but on a dark wintery day it can be threatening.
 I was so envious when I saw this fence smothered in pink and white clematis, oh that I could grow it like that, I wonder if it would do well in Donnybrook, will give it a go.


  1. what wonderful photos you have taken thanks for sharing

  2. I agree. When you are away from home as many years as you have you see it in a new light don't you. The Ash tree is beautiful isn't it.