Friday, November 15, 2013

Auckland Botonical Gardens

The last day in New Zealand we met up with John's neice, Sharron, and she took us to the Botanical Gardens, knowing that I loved gardens.  These gardens are stunning, very well thought out.  I love this fig tree espaliered against the brick wall, certainly looks healthy
 This water feature reminded me of the koro, I bought one for Raymon in Tairua, lovely shape.
 this sculpture is fascinating, its all shovels, neat aye.
 Loved the cottage gardens, so much inspiration for me.
 stunning rose, can almost smell it
 a lovely vista for the eye to travel
 my favourite rose is these single roses, don't know what its called but it is impressive with its apricot centre
 doesnt it look great mixed with these purple fowers
 and this one looks like porcelain, love the colour and the show of stamens
 and then there was these cool cacti gardens set off amongst the rocks and boulders.  We had lunch there and then it was off to the airport
farewell New Zealand until we meet again


  1. Peter and I went to these gardens on one of our first dates. We have been a few times since then and the gardens have really grown. The cacti garden did you see the big skull there that I put on my blog once? The sculptures are nice aren't they.

  2. the colours are so clear must be that nz air lovely photos

  3. beautiful gardens, I was blown away with how green NZ was.