Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sharon's old house

John and I had a lovely day looking for Sharons OLD HOUSE.  We where out for several hours, had lunch at Lake Leschaunaltia, still didn't see the right old house, we where just about back to Perth, came around a bend and there it was, up high on the hill, chucked a youeee, parked the van.  Had to use Johns camera as my zoom was just not strong enough.  Feeling very pleased with myself finding this old farmhouse, I remembered a really grand old house in Midland, thought I might be able to get close enough to get photo's of it.  I was ecstatic when I found no fence, no No Trespass signs and I was in like Flyn

 see the plant growing up out of the floor inside this room
It is heart breaking to see this wonderful old home deteriate so badly, obviously there was a no dumping rubbish sign either, see the huge pile of rubbish dumped in piles out the back.  I have driven past this grand old dame off and on over the 30 years and in the last 10 years it has deteriated to this.  This is in suburban Perth, I think it is owned by the council and I have heard that different community groups have tried to get it for artists etc, but been turned down.  It is such a total lack of concern for history.  This is on a main road leading into Perth, so thousands of motorist would have driven past, as a community we should not let this happen, but for this one it is too late, too much damage.  However from a photographic point of view, it is heaven.  I got inside to take a lot of these photo's, not safe I am sure, graffiti artists have had a field day and I am sure a lot of squatters have slept the night here.   Her old bones are settling into the earth, unloved..... I wish my sisters where here they would have shown her the love she deserves!!!!


  1. Amazing photos sister you have taken some beautiful old shots. The black and white ones are great too. Good that you have mentioned the history about it too and it is a shame it has been left to deteriorate like that. I remember Lake Leshanaulta well too. Do you remember by the lake you and I went to the toilet. On the back of the toilet door was a spider the size of a dinner plate. Never forget that will I. You have made my photo that I am posting ho hum. Well done.

  2. well done sis so sad they should be made to account for the loss of so much love the black and white to