Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kalamunda Mkts

Had fun last Saturday at the Kalamunda markets, I was in amongst the trees and closer to my neighbours, good company, sales where slow but covered my expenses.  I spent most of what I took but I couldn't resist.  The ferns above are well grown and all the leathery leaf ferns and at $7.50, a retiree grows them and only does the market a couple of times a year, at $7.50 each, I was stoked.
In the first photo, was something else I couldn't resist, thanks to Pinterest, I got the large silver coffee pot and five small silver bowls for $20 for the lot, all nicely tarnished.  I am going to put cacti and succulents in them and place on a silver tray.  My largest purchase was a yoghurt maker (electric), I go through a 500 ml pot a week, this way I can make my own.  The stall next to me was two delightful girls who teach cheese and yoghurt making classes, bought the machine off them $70.


  1. Its funny that you mention you have been looking for the nicely tarnished pots as I have been doing the same but so far haven't seen any. The ferns look nice and healthy are they taken at your place.

  2. you did have fun let me know about the yogurt maker the ferns look lovely and so cheap i love your tree and and fernery pic the chair could be hidden did dad make that as he made me one had to leave it in nz