Friday, December 28, 2012

last two of Phils for Dec 2012

 TABLE SETTING, I didn't get around to taking many photo's on xmas lunch, it was a casual meal and this is what we used.  The paper napkin I got from Ikea, I thought they where nice
Well all your fruit salads and pavlova looked so nice thought I would do something different. I know, not good on the waistline.  But I have found that the supermarkets have cut lots of the christmas food by half or more.  So have double thick rum custard, fruit salad fresh, ice cream and extra thick cream also reduced with a cherry on top.  Tasted real good too. Oh, and I put the lychee's (tinned) in the freezer so they would be cold in time, then I forgot I had put them there and was hunting everywhere for them, finally remembered, they where just starting to go icey, nice and cold.


  1. Desert looks very decadent. Good idea about the lychees.

  2. I did feel rather bloated after tackling that. Could only find Coles brand of lychee's and they are not as good. Coles and Woolworths are copying everyone else's products and then cutting the other brands off the shelf, so much for competition