Thursday, December 27, 2012

last of my Dec choices

 GARDEN PATH LEADING SOMEWHERE to the gazebo, had to get this photo fast as John has an aversion to leaves on the paving.
 MALES IN MY LIFE I didn't manage to get any photo's of my grandson's last month, so have included them here.  This is Ronin, 13 years old, goes to High School next year, wants to be a mechanic or engineer.  Lovely boy who is passionate about scooters and performing tricks on them.
 My boy, not looking the healthiest but that is to be expected.  His hair has grown back black, Ronin is almost as tall as Raymon, I didn't see Randall, he is 18 now and working at whatever work he can get.  He is living with Kylie at the moment as there are more job opportunities out that way.
And last but not least Jack, also 13 and starting High School next year, ambition is to be a sportsman.  Jack is also shooting up and at a guess about the same height as Ronin, both make me feel like a midget, need to cut them off at the kneecaps.

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