Thursday, July 12, 2012

Phils vegetables

the lettuce's in the top two photo's have been keeping me in salads, as photo's go, I like the second one best as it gives a variety of shapes and colour.  I was trying to take them quickly in the rain, which you can tell by the wetness of the silver beet, can you see the fresh young puha, that goes in my salads as well, it pops up all around the garden.

 I know these are not vegetables but I got such a thrill when I saw them that I had to take a photo, aren't they magical.  But they are in my vege garden, does that count.

look at the wonderful pattern underneath the mushroom, love this shade of white.  Don't know if they are edible or not, would not take the risk of eating them.


  1. Love these photos, think mushrooms are a vegie, arn't they. The colours are lovely, yes I like the second one too, actually they're all nice.

  2. Beautiful photos and the colours are so clear. Love the mushroom ones.