Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Norcia day 1

iso 80 f/5 1/800

iso 125 f28 1/100 
 This was my first day of workshop, the two photo's above I went out before most where up as I wanted to catch the sunrise coming over the land about 6.30 am. this was on manual setting, at this stage we hadn't covered iso etc
 iso 100 f4 1/400
We climbed over the fence to take this and the next one, the stubble had been burnt so ground was black. Taken at this angle because the sun was hitting the wall on the left and shadow on the front creating shape and form.
iso 100 f8 1/125
taken with sun behind me, got down real low to look up the creek bed, light hitting the water creates sparkle
 iso 100 f8 1/40
 today was learning composition, the subject the little old abandoned house is in bottom third and to the right in this instance.
iso 100 f8 1/400
I have got down low and used the fence as a frame, which worked really well, I think!
iso 800 f4.5 1/15 -0.3
this is the chapel in Saint Gertrudes boarding house for girls, also where we stayed, this was taken from the upper balcony which was in the middle of two lots of dormitory's  that we slept in.  camera was tilted upwards to get the lovely shape of the ceiling, photo is a bit crooked and I will straighten it later.
 iso 800 f4.5 1/3200 -0.3
this one is for you Phil, thought you would like a close up of the beautiful angels
 iso 100 -0.3ev f4.5 1/640
using a block in wall as a frame, nice shadows
 iso 100 -0.3ev f4.5 1/2000
This was taken close to the side of the building with the camera on angle and tipped up, makes a more interesting shot of the building

 iso 800 -0.3ev f4.5 1/3200
this is a good example of the wrong iso setting it should have been 100 but forgot to change it.  This is the boys boarding school and where we had our meals.  I toured all over the inside and will share some really good photo's taken inside.
 iso 3200 -0.3 ev f4.5 1/80
this one is interesting as we bumped the iso up to 3200.  This one is my favourite chapel as it is in a quite naive Spanish style, long and narrow, and very white.  there is a guy vacuuming about mid way.
 iso 100 
taken late afternoon the flock of birds being the point of interest, blasted things I waited ages to catch them I am sure they had camera radar
 iso 100
late afternoon, lovely shadows giving shape and form
iso 100
the timber railing giving point of interest
If you are still with me, I gave up  putting the other details from the photo info, as I haven't learnt what they mean as yet.  Hoped I shared enough info to help you.


  1. Awesome photos sis. It looks as though you learn't a lot. Beautiful setting. Yours shots are very creative as well.

  2. these are fabulous, I also replied on facebook.

  3. what can i say they blow me away favourite if any as all great through the wall and the fence going to get camera out today and do faces

  4. like the creek bed can see getting down is good