Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sharons Choices

 CUTE ANIMAL is Phaelon Samara's little puppy, who is real cute, I call him Radar because he usually has those ears out like radars.

 these are my WORKING TOOLS you can tell by the mess on them that they are well used............
 FLOWERING TREE a banksia I think, I had to stop on a corner and quickly take this through my window they are planting them along the motorway and look particularly nice at the moment.

 When Sharon chose Flowering Trees I wondered if I could find any here at this time of the year, spring there are plenty.  I went up to Greenmount on Sunday to check out a market that I thought maybe it could be suitable to have a stall, unfortunately I don't think my products would sell there, however there was this wonderful tree in the car park, I just had to share with you a close up of the flowers, aren't they just exquisite.
 hehehe Phil, what you have got to do it be sneaky and ready for that window of opportunity, this is my puny boy (private joke) when we where at Lake Leshenaultia on Saturday.  John is enjoying taking photo's too, this is where the old point and shoot comes in handy, he didn't even know I had taken it.


  1. I love these phots of John, I particuliary like back shots, the yellow flowers are so vivid too.

  2. Beautiful shots. Love the bright yellow flower. I remember going to Lake Leshenaulta with you years ago. Do you remember we both went to the toilet and in my toilet was a bush spider the size of a DINNER PLATE. I'm not kidding. To this day I don't know how I got out of the toilet as the spider was on the back of the door.

  3. what can i say ggreat photos what are you using so crisp love the photo of john cant take a photo of my boy but he still here and that will wait

  4. i love the trees and the color of the yellow i also love banksia but i like the one with john it takes you on the journey i want to know what is at the end so great john is taking photos i can see you two in the bush you with pad and camera and john with camera great to be us