Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sharon's Feb choices

 HANDS I wanted to add one of hands that belonged to me, have to make it the left hand as needed to hold camera in the right one

a NUMBER you will see this board again on Phils photo


  1. great hands great plant great number love them

  2. Nice sculpture of hands, is that yours? The plant looks like little peas well photographed. I like the way you have emphasized the nails above the numbers as well.

  3. my hand and the plant is called string of pearls, succulent. I only realised that the text was on the back of the board, have had it for quite a few years, on the other side it is white with a drawer pull plus the word salt the reason I bought it. Thanks for the comments they mean a lot to me

  4. the nails are lovely and I like the serated staple in the wood,

    nice one of hands too.