Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Phil's Feb choice

 DEAD I have had this bird skeleton for about 5 years, flew into the garage and couldn't get out, I might try to clean it up and get rid of some of the dust around the body, but its very fragile, the head has disconnected from the body.  In hindsight I think a paler background would have shown it up better


  1. love the curl great colour well centred

  2. Very clever about the curls nice close up. Bird skeleton is neat, you are right the lighter background would have been better. Good idea about cleaning him up.

  3. He is rather fragile Paddy, so will have to do it very carefully. The background is the same board for Sharon's numbers. The curl is on the passionfruit vine, curls but no fruit yet.

  4. lovely curls, fruit to come?
    Love the skeleton, background is nice but yes it would have been better abit lighter, sometimes you have to work with what you have though.