Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Last of Phils

 WHISKERS yep, he's got whiskers, just didn't have time to zoom in, such an active cat.
 SOMETHING I LOVE is my garden, it gives me so much pleasure and relaxation
 SOMEONE I LOVE is Alyssa, of course I love all my grandchildren but I just happened to take these photo's at basketball.  Kirsty is constantly calling out to Jack to call for the ball but as you can see this little pocket rocket screams for it herself.  She is such a Johnson when it comes to sport, no one pushes her around.
 Here she is doing more than her share of pushing and shoving.  She needs to learn the contact rule as she was fouled off constantly, but, she got in there and mixed it with the big girls.  She is so determined, does that sound like a Johnson trait?


  1. lovely cat, and your garden looks lovely in B&W. Good shots of the games.

  2. He looks as if he is ready to purr and put his lovely claws into your lovely duvet. Hard to get whiskers especially when he is white but he looks very content on your bed. Good action shot of Aylssa and lovely stadium with the large glass background. Nicely framed and yes she must be a Johnson.

  3. great photo of cat love you garden too and alyssa is certainly in there good johnson spirit you go girl so proud