Monday, February 24, 2014


I was eyeing up these clivia plants out the front recently, thinking, hmmn I could split them up and no one would know, when I say these two eyes looking at me.  The frog in the top photo was wedged down in between the leaves.  And then, when I was doing the watering a couple of nights later I went to put water in the water feature when I saw something plop down into the water.  Next night checked, and there it was sitting on the edge.  There where two there and you can just see a second one slipping back into the water on the right.  I thought it was the same frog, but seeing the photo's together I think its a different sort of frog. Oh, its such fun down here in the valley hehe...

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  1. Yes sis the top one is quite different. I will post some stuff on blog soon because last week we went to sculptures in the park. It was very good.