Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sharon's birds for June

As I told you I cannot get up close to the birds here, think they hear me coming and hide.  I used Johns camera to get these pink and grey gallah's.  They had a nest in that hollow of the tree I just managed to get the one below flying in, I think there are some babies in the nest.

These birds nest in this swampy ground and make an almighty noise.  I had to use Johns camera again and as we where stopped on the shoulder of the road I didn't have time to mess around, I think they came out quite good though.

Above photo has nothing to do with birds but I thought you would like a photo of this banksia? it was a creeping plant and the flowers where so vibrant.  Isn't it beautiful on this embankment.

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  1. Sorry sis didn't see this post. I have trouble taking photos of birds here too. They are so small and move so quickly. The black and white birds are a great shot. When we lived in Sydney there was a food court down by the wharf and those birds would come inside for food.