Sunday, June 30, 2013


This is our dream block, real country feel.
 This is the top of the block which we would have the back of the house facing as it is south.  The dark green bush would have to be removed as well as the thin one near the fence.  This would be where the house would be placed, close to the road but it is higher up so would put screen shrubs etc to hide the house from the road.
 Little bit further down where house would go, hopefully it would fit in before you get to the fruit trees.
 this is looking toward the house on the right who actually own the block.  They had 5 blocks built over 3 with sheds etc so good distance from their house and they have lots of trees and gardens.
 Hoping the house would come down to this fence.  There is 5 rows of fruit trees, and the block would have five of them.  I am hoping not to fence this area off and then we can share all the orchard.
 this one is looking towards the house on the left and I would say they have 3 blocks so plenty of land around their house.  They have lovely open lawns and gardens.
 This is from the back fence, as you can see train lines then main road through going down south.  No trains have been on it for 10 years.  The kitchen family room would look out over the orchard to here and would get all the sun in winter.  Plenty of trees to block out road noise.
 John looking back up the block, plenty of area here to grow berries and put in vege gardens and possibly chooks.

I have pictured in my mind a pathway down the centre of the fruit trees with wild flowers each side, bulbs in the orchard (they may already be there) and at the end a gazebo or something.  An archway with maybe a rose growing over it leading from the house.  Can you guess that I just love it.
We went and had a look at a house plan and went over it and put all the changes we would want, they will get it price for us and then I guess it will be choosing what we want to keep.
Kirsty gave us some soup to try and bought enough home for tea, it was delicious, so thought I would share the recipe.  Very easy too.
Curry Vegetable soup

In a large pot add the following
2 litres of beef stock ( or you could use the stock cubes and water)
2 leeks sliced
5 carrots chopped
1 tbsp curry powder
Bring to boil and cook on med until vegetables are soft.
Add half can of coconut milk.

You could freeze what you don't eat.


  1. The area looks lovely and green and looks as though there is quite a few fruit trees. Nice to have neighbours that are similar ages to you (spoke to Sharon). That photo of the railway tracks, what are those buildings over the road. Exciting times for you and John.

  2. It is exciting and a bit scary, big step for us. Not sure what the buildings are across the road, some type of farming equipment maybe. This is on the edge of the town heading south and on that side of the road there are different business's. But as we would be higher up in the house the view would be over to the hills behind these buildings.

  3. looks lovely, lovely and green too.