Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sharon's choice for May - Beauty

Six beautiful young women, I find them BEAUTIFUL. Samara asked me to take a group photo of Jo and the girls that she framed for her with another photo taken 10 years ago.  This was the unposed photo which was my favourite.  Sammi wanted each one in same position as the older photo.  Coincidentally this was where Jo had her wedding photo's taken, was all long grass back then.  Taking a group photo is such a challenge especially with a energetic 3 year old running around trying to get into the photo, can you see him peeping between Jessica and Kaitlin, little  monkey   Need to take a lot of photo's fast before they all get bored and if you are lucky you will get one half way decent one.


  1. You did well to get them all together and smiling. Can see the little one in the background. Good idea to do black and white as they always frame well. Joanne looks good for bringing up all those girls and they all look different don't they. Lovely.

    Beautiful yellow flower. You have captured the light coming through beautifully. The dark background really makes the flower stand out.

  2. jo i know you are proud what lovely smiling girls just beautiful i do see the imp i thought the rose was great the light and shade enhanced the colour nothing distracted me from the beauty

  3. nice group photo of the girls and there mum, rose is lovely too.