Friday, June 8, 2012

Sharon's choice

old house, this is the old house I was telling you about Sharon, for some reason it is a protected house, not very architecturally grand, however they where not allowed to put it down so they have put massive concrete piles below it and then excavated all around it to a massive depth.  A multi story building is going all around it, how bizarre is that.

front view, as there is a big wire mesh fence with plastic cloth attached we could only photograph where other people have managed to pull bits down, so we had to place our lens in one of the diamond triangles in the fence.  I think the house was used as a squat for homeless people, it is in Northbridge in the city.

this is taken from the opposite side, you can tell how deep they have excavated, these large machinery drove right underneath the house.

not quite sure what you wanted for photo's taken up or down, but this is my down photo
and up, autumn leaves nearly all gone


  1. thats down ok makes you wonder about the house to spend that much money what was its history

  2. I haven't been able to find out yet, all I know was that they weren't allowed to pull it down. Must of had some history because the house is not that spectacular. I just thought it was so quirky, old house wins over modern technology aye!