Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My choices for June

heritage house, Tranby house, you will notice Phil and I have a lot of photo's taken at the same place, we had a day out taking photo's for our challenge.  My black and white photo's are taken on my camera not changed to b/w.

Tranby house is not far from where mum and dad lived and where caretakers of flats in Maylands, right on the river, a beautiful spot

clouds taken an hour or more before the one below, we where lucky this day to find clouds

below tranby house clouds in black and white

We had fun trying to get photo's of these swans and ducks, it was preening time and catching them with their heads up was quite a challenge

who can stand on one leg the longest? and a lone sea gull just for contrast
My last choice of photo for an advert of your product


  1. they all look great, also love it in b & w, and I got a good shot of that same tree too. nice day had by all.

  2. The black and white picture of the clouds looks good. The tree makes a good contrast.