Friday, October 18, 2013

letting my garden go

 My garden is going to be a wrench for me.  Over 20 years in the making I am going to really miss it.  This beautiful Pink Wisteria tree has just started flowering in this photo.
 This is what I look out to from my kitchen and family room windows.

 Roses are all coming out and because the garden is enclosed by a 6 foot fence the perfume is trapped in the garden, heavenly on a warm sunny day.
 really loving this perrenial in the centre, very hardy and fills the gap between the lavendar and the climbing rose.
 Pink Wisteria tree a couple of days after the last photo, unfortunately it has been very windy and there is now a carpet of blossoms covering the paving.


  1. sharon here i know what you mean they are like your family aint they what fun you are going to have with veg patch chickens and all that space

  2. It looks lush and green doesn't it. At least your block is beautiful and you are not starting with a bare block of land. Whatever you do in your next project will look great.