Tuesday, September 24, 2013

 Paddy wanted to take photo's of the wildflowers that WA is renown for.  We took photo's of these late in the day.  Not sure what these yellow flowers are called, think they may be related to the wattle family.  Very vibrant and masses of them around.

 I think this is a native orchid, have heard of one called a donkey orchid, funny name, maybe I have that wrong.
 Above is the Leschenaulita, the paler blue and there is a darker blue one, they are also very vibrant colours, only low growning.
 This lovely pink and white bush was pretty, only about a foot high.
I loved these grass heads, look like fish swimming through the bush.


  1. Interesting photos look similar to my blog ha ha. I think we will double up over the next few weeks. The bush looked great didn't it.

  2. beautiful all of them, looks like the same bush as Paddys tehe. lovely colors. Is the orchid only small? and the blue flowers look almost like they have been painted.

  3. The orchid is medium size each petal about one and a half inches long. The blue is lovely aye