Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sharon's choice for August

Sharon's choice for August ANIMALS.  Yesterday John and I decided to have a day away from the house.  Went to Caversham wildlife park about 15 mins drive from home.  It was a beautiful day but the sun was very bright and found taking photo's quite hard.
 This was taken through glass and came out not too bad, he is so cute aye
 There where heaps of kangaroo's, the park was very clean and the animals healthy and well looked after, very tame.  We where fascinated by the white ones, not sure what breed they are.

                                      Miss Piggy, inside a barn, sleeping blissfully away

 This ones for you Phil, like me I know you love donkey's, wondering if I could have one on my block
                             Of course the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence
 I had to enhance and change this photo as it was quite dark, but thought you would love it.  Brought back so many memories of us feeding lambs when we where kids.
                                     Bats just hanging around enjoying the sunshine
                                  Lovely leathery wings wrapping them up tight like mummies
This possum is curled up asleep inside a nesting box with a perspex front so you can see inside, look at the little pink nose.
It cost us $24 each to get in which i thought was a bit steep, but was so worth it, we where there 4 hours.  The enclosures for the birds and animals where very thoughtfully designed for their comfort, they all looked happy health and contented, it was obvious that the entry charge is put back into the animals and birds making sure they lived in a good environment, the gardens where beautiful reminded me very much of the parks in Queensland.


  1. Koala looks cute, you did a good job to get it through the glass. Like the close up of Miss Piggy, you should get a Kunekune for your land. They will eat fruit on the ground and don't dig up like normal pigs.

    Nice one of donkey. It's hard sometime getting photos without fencing in front but this one doesn't detract much.

    Lovely photo of kids feeding the lambs. It's like there is a light just shining down on them and showing color. Bats make an interesting photo too.

  2. love the smiling pig, bats are awesome, I love their wings.

  3. i love these look like a great day out