Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Phil's January 2013 choices

 BROKEN peices end up as garden ornaments




  1. I like your hat, very vintage, do you wear it. The nice thing about vintage is even if it is broken it still looks good. Your red geraniums look good and like the pots. Well done.

  2. the hat photo is great the broken pieces are so clear nothing to distract from your photos the red flowers jump out at you and the cross is great

  3. nice hat, love the broken pieces, also the reds are great. And of course the cross is lovely, nice bit of wire wrapping there .

  4. Thank you for all your comments. The hat is beautiful, I bought it in Sydney when we went to that Vintage clothing fair, I loved the colour. And no I don't wear it Paddy, I havent found a hat I am comfortable in. I have two of these wire wrapped branches with rosary beads incorporated, not sure if that would be considered sacrilege of religious objects.