Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Paddy's November choice

 WHITE as you can see I have had a lot of fun trying to capture some photo's of Samara's kitten that I was baby sitting for a few hours, took a lot of patience, and some creative tempting to keep him where I wanted him to be.  Isn't he just gorgeous, pity I didn't have him last month for eyes, as he has amazing palest blue eyes.  Oh, and look at those little pink paws and ears, this was when he decided he needed to clean himself.  He was a lot of fun, but quiet happy for him to go home, I prefer older cats as pets, way to much energy.

Thanks Paddy for choosing white, no doubt I will find more over the month.


  1. I thought white would be easy. Interesting that last photo I have two of these plaques myself. The feathers in the wings make nice detail. I like the first one of the kitten as it shows your lovely bedroom. Oh like the second one as well.

  2. this was a present from a special sister....

  3. love how your have put the cross in the little bowls, the kitten is so adorable.
    Love the close up of the wings.